This game was written in Javascript and makes use of the jQuery and CraftyJS libraries.

How to play Senet

Player 1 is circles, Player 2 is triangles. Click the four sticks in the bottom left corner (or press space) to throw them. Clicking a piece will move it to the highlighted square (if the square is green!).


The goal of Senet is to be the first player to move all of your pieces off of the bottom right-hand corner of the board. Pieces move around the board from the first row to the last in an "S" pattern

Players take turns throwing the four black & white sticks. The value of each throw is determined by the number of white edges that land face-up (1-4). If no white edges land face-up, the throw is worth 6. There is no way to throw a 5. After moving, players throw the sticks again if they threw 1, 3, or 6, otherwise it is the opposing player's turn.

Pieces may land in any unoccupied square, or they may land in a square occupied by the other player ONLY if the other player's piece does not have another of the opposing player's pieces on either side. Some examples:

The exception to this rule are the five specially-marked squares at the bottom of the board; all of these except the "X" are protected, meaning a piece occupying one of these squares cannot be switched with an opponent's. Landing a piece on the "X" square sends it directly to square #15, or to the first open space nearest the beginning if square 15 is occupied.

Thanks to my best bro T.C. and all the dorks on #ansi@efnet for being my guinea pigs. ;)